About Us

About Us


What We Do?

We are producing the natural, healthiest products. Non-toxic, organic and vegan ingredients 100% biodegradable formulas. We provide exceptional natural, organic beauty products. We select all ingredients carefully. Our products have no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh skin irritants. We are 100% parabens-free.


Our Mission

Our mission is to assist you in offering high quality lines of natural and organic skincare products to enhance your skin by leveraging your most important asset – your skin.


Our Slogan

DIRRAN Organic, the secret of ancient beauty.

Why Dirran Organic?

DIRRAN is an herbal blend used to help restore the youth, with producing the healthiest and most natural products that can be found With Non-toxic, organic ingredients which are made by 100% biodegradable formulas with no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh skin irritants. and 100% parabens-free.